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October 18: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Can there be a spookier beginning to a horror film than, “Based on a true story?”

Here’s another fascinating episode from the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast!  Once you’ve listened to it, you can play detective and try to come up with an explanation.

Besides werewolves.  Tracy has already claimed that one.

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15 Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Take Your Costume To The Next Level

Okay, a small palate cleanser.  Plus we gotta get a move on!  These Halloween costumes aren’t going to make themselves. 

I know I’m supposed to be open-minded about many things but…store-bought costumes?  That’s no way to maximize your candy haul.  Besides, remember what happened to Buffy that time?

Making your own costume: cooler and safer.

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October 15: Hellblazer

Among the great and good joys of my job is that I get to talk about comic books with you guys.  The comics universe is vast and endlessly interesting, and I will put money down that the denizens of the Teen Room know much, much more about Batman than…well, anybody else I know.

Still I was astonished to learn that there are still some folks out there who have yet to read the Hellblazer series.  This must be remedied forthwith!  And with the advent of NBC’s Constantine the time is NOW.

(Matt Ryan looks the part, minus the smokes. Hoping the show won’t shy away from the lurid, viscous, revolting darkness.)

Oh my darlings.  You are in for such a treat.  John Constantine — magician, demon summoner, ex-punk musician, and on the sh*t list of pretty much everyone in pretty much every realm — is one of my very favorite fictional characters.  You can’t help but like the man, and that is the first (and often the last) mistake made by anyone who comes in contact with him.

Because Constantine is damned.  When he dies, it’s straight to hell for him.  Unless, unless he manages some tricky magical negotiations.  Which bear a terribly high cost.

The series began in the late 80s and has only recently drawn to a close.  (DC rebooted Constantine as part of its New 52 but I tell you, stay away from that garbage.)  It is a prime way to experience the work of some of comics’ greatest — and I do mean GREATEST — writers.  Oh my gosh, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Mike Carey…if you want a good, pants-wetting look at what happens when the leash is off on comics scripting Hellblazer is IT.  I have read and seen stuff in these pages that I can never unsee; just like Constantine, you wind up cursed.

But in a good way.

There’s a whooooole lot more I could say here, but I would much rather you run over to the library, start reading, and then come tell me about it.